Jack's Recommends Espoma All Organic Plant Foods. Why Organic?
        Espoma fertilizer is a slow time release plant
        food that slowly feeds your plants for up to
        eight weeks. As it breaks down it enriches the soil as well.
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 " Something for every Season "
Did you know that Jack's has one of the largest selections of annual flowers for your 
baskets or borders in the area.
From the hottest Wave Petunias to Angelonia, Jack's has it all.
From Spring Pansies to Fall Mums
"Jack's has all your flower needs"
      From patio pots to a privacy screen, Jack's does it all !
      "Let us do the dirty work"  Inquire about our planting services 

Jack's Greenhouse & Farm - 10 Woosamonsa Road - Pennington, NJ 08534 
     (609) 737-0224 - Fax (609) 737-7771 - email : plantsandtrees@hotmail.com 
                                            Call for our seasonal hours
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Welcome to Jack's Garden Center & Nursery. 

Our nursery covers over 12 acres, with more than 500 varieties of annuals, perennials,  trees, shrubs, vines and ground covers in the area. Our knowledgeable staff will help you select the right plant to complement your garden setting.
Did you know that Jack's is one of the only nurseries in the area that grows over 60% of what we sell.
The plants that we do not grow we buy from within the state.
We get a very small amount from outside of New Jersey.
This  insures that your plant is hardy and can withstand our climate changes from a wet summer to a very cold winter. Growing it yourself also keeps the cost down as well.
Jack's specializes in Deer Resistant and drought tolerant low maintenance plants for the gardener on the go !
Jack's always carries all the new and proven winner Annuals
and Perennials as well as the tried and true favorites.
Come to Jack's Garden Center & Nursery where you will truly get alot of green for your money as well as the help you need!
Please visit our "Plant Pics" page
for more Annual flower pictures and information !